Creating Earrings with Swarovski CrystalTex

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Learn to create your own Swarovski CrystalTex Earrings

Materials Needed
  • Approximately 6" of Swarovski CrystalTex
  • 2 sets of pave terminals
  • Lever back of your choice
  • 4 5.5mm open Jump Rings

Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Iron
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Super New Glue
Cut your Swarovski CrystalTex
Cut your Swarovski CrystalTex into 2 Row Strips (Long ways)
opening regaliz o-rings with pliers
Stack your 2 row strips of Swarovski Crystaltex so there are chatons on both sides.
(Image above is just to show the chatons on both side)
 sliding regaliz o rings on 5mm leather
Line your two row strips of Swarovski Crystaltex up evenly and close together.
loading Regaliz components onto leather
Iron must be set on high, with a NON STEAM settingBegin Applying heat on one end, and adjusting your strips so they are even as you go.
2 halfs of a love knot bracelet design
Let your CrystalTex cool for a momemt. It should look like the image above.
sliding one of your love knots through the other
Add a couple drops of super new glue into one of your terminals from the back (non-pave) side.
Tightening your love knot, and Regaliz Sliders
Slide in your CrystalTex and let it dry throughly. One dry, repeat on the other side (make sure before you glue the second terminal, the pave sides are both facing the same way)
trimming 5mm leather with scissors
Let the glue set. It may take a few minutes longer than it does with leather. Notice in the picture above when my CrystalTex is curved, both pave terminals face outward.
trimmed love knot bracelet
Open your 5.5mm Jump ring. (Im using a slightly larger size so I can get the pictures)
checking your bracelet design
Load on your second Jump Ring.
putting super new glue into regaliz clasp
Load on your Terminals (Pave side Out) and Close Jump Ring
loading 5mm leather into Regaliz Clasp
Open your second jump ring, load on your lever back and close. Once done, repeart for your other earring

Nice Job, you've got a great set of earrings!

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